Reviews From Previous Students 

Brittney Jackson

My journey at MING was amazing. There is no where else that can compare to this school. It really doesn’t even feel like school, you learn and have fun at the same time. I learned so much more than just learning how to become a Medical Assistant. I’m thankful, and blessed that i was given the opportunity to attend MING. I was lucky enough to have Heather as my Instructor. Heather is absolutely brilliant. She taught me to not just study for exams, but to study for my career. she encourages you to push yourself harder each time, to challenge yourself every day. Cricket, also phenomenal women as well. Cricket taught me that fear is not an option. Cricket will take the time to sit with you and explain anything you want to know and more. Felicia and Cami are always full of joy and always willing to help you. They will take the time, no matter how long it takes to get a situation corrected, and will guide you along the way. Now Jan is an astonishing woman. She will tutor you, no matter how long it takes, checks on you, and build your confidence up each time. She never backs down, and she wants to see every person that walks into that school succeed. Jan taught me that at times it’s ok to say, “ I need help.” She taught me to keep raising the bar no matter how hard it gets, that everything happens for a reason and to respect that. This doesn’t even cover half of what I really want to say about these women or the school. They will guide you, prepare you, pray with you, tutor you, and stand behind you 110%. No questions asked. I’ve never had that much support in my life. It’s worth it and so much more. You’ll leave with so much more knowledge and understanding than what you came in with. They will not let you fail! They explore all options with you. Thank you MING, for everything.

Monzerrat Farias

I am currently enrolled in the surgical technologist program I am very pleased with the program! It is fast past but the instructors are awesome, especially Robin, She is very patient, she always goes above and beyond to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the material, she is very patient and thoroughly explains the skills until we feel confident. She is always willing to provide us with extra resources and help us and any way possible. I highly recommend this program!

Jessica Saucedo-mendoza

I recommend Northeast Medical to anyone interested in the medical field. I just got Certified in Phlebotomy and had one of the best experiences ever. The teachers, the classes, the schedule, prices. Absolutely everything is amazing. I would like to brag specifically on Mrs. Felicia and Mauricio. They both do an outstanding job in explaining, and making sure you are prepared with the right tools for the working field. Both wonderful people. Felicia makes sure you are well trained to be a phlebotomist and Mauricio does an excellent job with helping with resumes and interviewing skills. I will definitely be coming back for future education ❤️

Karyssa Howell

I LOVE this school and the teachers and everyone who helps you! They really do want you to succeed and I already want to go back to get another certification! I’m so happy I went here. You should too 💕

Kelly Anderson

My experience at MING has been nothing short of amazing thanks to my AWESOME teacher Cricket! She goes above and beyond for her students and I couldn’t be more thankful and happy to be where I am!!! I would most defiantly recommend MING to anyone who is interested in medical assisting!!!!

Gina Privet

Just finished up my Phlebotomy certification on January 29th and am happy to announce that I just got hired at Northeast Georgia Medical Center today! So happy I earned that certification!

​Taiana Bonds

I recommend this school over any other school I have attended, I have attended 2 others but this one is the best! My teacher is the BOMB! Ms. Felicia rocks, she makes learning fun she will go over and beyond to help you and make sure you won't regret attending this school. Today I am officially a Certified Phlebotomist! Thanks to Ms. Felicia I walked in without any knowledge and today I completed the course and walked out feeling like a million dollars !!!!! TeamMing!

​Liann Thornton

When I first began classes at MING I was nervous as anyone would be on their first day but as soon as I stepped foot into the school I felt at home. They really do a great job at making a comfortable thriving learning environment! So much fun. I LOVE MING, I can't wait to complete my last week this Saturday!! 

​Hannah Patrick

I take the Saturday class with Liz and I’ve had the best experience with her! She’s such a wonderful teacher and makes sure we understand all the material! 10/10 recommend MING. Best experience I’ve had with the school.

​Kelly Alexander

My experience at MING has been nothing short of amazing thanks to my AWESOME teacher Cricket! She goes above and beyond for her students and I couldn’t be more thankful and happy to be where I am!!! I would most defiantly recommend MING to anyone who is interested in medical assisting!!!!

Lindsey Talley

I’m currently in the Surgical Tech program and it has been amazing so far! Tosha is an awesome teacher who is very knowledgeable and can relate to her students very well. She is always there to help us and answer any questions that we have! Everyone here treats you like family and it has been a great experience so far!

​Vanessa Beavers

I would recommend Ming to anyone who is looking to start in the medical field! This school is amazing, they are very interactive with the students and hands on! My instructor cricket is absolutely amazing hands down!! I’ve had the best experience since I’ve been here! I’m sad that today is my last day, but I’m very confident on going into my externship with the knowledge they have given me! Mauricio is great at finding you an awesome externship that you’ll love!

​Taylor Thomas

I recommend this school to anyone who is trying to get their CCMA, phlebotomy, BLS/CPR First Aid, and/or a surgical tech certification!! I am now a certified phlebotomist, and will soon take my CCMA national exam! Felecia, Mari, Liz, and Heather are the teachers I’ve had so far and they are absolutely AMAZING! Cami is very helpful if you have any questions, and they are all very supportive through the whole program, and especially when it’s time to take your national exam! This place is awesome! I had a great experience! ️️️️

​Diana Rouse

Loved this school! Heather was a great teacher and the classes were fun. If you put in the work it pays off!

​Shaina Simpson

MING is a great start to getting your foot in the door within the medical field especially if you are trying to find your niche in life and are interested in healthcare. Since attending and finishing my course here at MING I've finally settled into a field that I can see myself growing in; something I couldn't do in college.

​Emily Tyoff

I would recommend ming to anyone! I absolutely enjoyed my time spent here. Sad to say this is my last week. My instructor Cricket is phenomenal, she is such a great and caring person inside and out. She will do anything and everything to make sure you understand the content. Everyone at ming cares about your future, Mauricio is awesome and great with helping you find an externship you will love! Best school ever!!

Abigail Conner

I love this school! I attended it for the Medical Assistant Program! I had Miss Mari. She was amazing and helped me with anything I needed! I highly recommend this school to anyone! I just passed my national's to get certified for a Medical Assistant! I also want to think all the teachers and staff! I couldn't have done it without them!

​Erica Corneilson

This school has been amazing! MING has made it possible for me to follow my dreams and still be able to work and take care of my family. Tosha is the best instructor! She makes class fun and the material easy to learn! I know when I leave this place, I’ll feel confident that I have the knowledge I need for my new career in the scrub world.

Candace Brooks

Highly recommend taking classes, Liz and Felica were great teachers! Definitely there to help and answer any questions and help you with any problems you may have. The whole staff is friendly! Ming is an amazing school!

Sierra Cee

Great school! Very friendly and helpful. I earned my Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy certificate. I would recommend anyone looking to become MA certified to go here they are the best

Estefani Magana Rodriguez

I absolutely Loved this Medical Institute of NE Georgia. Its an amazing school with amazing and very dedicated teachers that are always their for you to help you in what ever you need ! They are very dedicated in their work and they always make sure you learn!THANK YOU SOO MUCH Ms.Felicia and Ms.Candy for all your help I wouldn’t have finished with out all your dedication and amazing teaching skills ! Ms.Felicia and Mauricio thank yall for helping me find a job you guys are the best I’m so happy with my new job and with you guys because y’all helped me until the end. I would really recommend this institute to anyone I’m soo very happy! 

Shelby Minnig

highly recommend!! Mari is a phenomenal teacher. Felicia and Cami are so helpful with anything you need or questions about the school or programs!! Friendly staff and easy learning environment!

Jeremy Wilson

Awesome school. Front office staff is extremely friendly and will help you with any and everything you need. Teachers are amazing and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a good understanding of all the information. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get the best education money can buy.

Sylvia Therkildsen

MING was by far the best class I have ever gone through. I have never liked going to school but when I was at MING I could not wait for my next class. The MA teacher Felicia is AMAZING! She tells you what you need to make sure you study for on your Nationals. She is patient with you while you are learning the phlebotomy and EKG portion of the class. I wish that we were able to go more into detail on a few things but you learn A LOT in the 12 weeks that you are in class. Cami and Jan are great, very friendly and positive. I will say that the class only includes the class, you may have to pay for a CPR certification separate if you do not already have one, the National exam you have to pay for separate as well so beware of that. A few of us in class thought it was all covered, it was not, but that is not a big deal. The National exam was hard but you can pass if you really really work hard and study for it. Cami, Jan, and Felicia will all tell you that it is a hard exam so be prepared. My externship was really fun, they were hands on as long as you showed that you wanted to learn. I cannot wait to find a job so that I can put my skills and new knowledge to the test. Thank you, Cami, Jan, and Felicia for all of your help with everything! I appreciate all you have done for me and the entire class that I was with while I was there. You guys have an amazing establishment and I will be more than happy to brag about you every second I get.



Tisha Camacho

By far the best/fun experience I've e had in school. The teachers are amazing, you have so much fun with your classmates. I enjoyed my time at this school. You have fun learning and before you know it you are done. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting to not have to spend forever in school and enjoy the school they are attending. Because Medical Institute of Northeast GA is fun, short time mattered and a place you don't want to leave! Go check them out! I just finished my 12 weeks, this week.

Mary Cortes

Awesome program, great facility, and amazing staff! Had a great experience and opportunities to a better future! :) thanks M.I.N.G

Cassie Turner

Attending the Medical Institute of North Georgia has not only gave me the skills and training I needed to succeed in the medical field, it has also given me the confidence to keep learning and go further in my career. I am appreciative to Jan and Cami for welcoming me and pushing me to my limits. I couldn't have asked for a better program that was fun, knowledgeable, flexible and realistic. Thank you!

Jessica Davison

The Certified Medical Assisting Program at Medical Institute of Northeast Georgia changed my life! The amazing and well-educated staff made it so incredibly easy to learn and achieve my goal of being a CMA. In a little, over 12 weeks I went from a dead-end job to a career with countless opportunities! I was offered a job before finishing my externship, and I owe that to Cami and Jan, for teaching me how to be an AWESOME and PROFESSIONAL MA. If you're in the market for a good education that leads to a wonderful, fulfilling a career in the healthcare field, look no further!! MING is the place to get educated!! Thank you for everything Cami, Jan, and Will

Christina Lawson

Love it here! Mrs. Felecia is awesome! She works hard and makes sure we learn everything we need. The class is so much fun you can't wait for the next week. I've learned so much and can't wait to start as an MA. All of the office is sweet and try everything possible to help you. I recommend ming to everyone! If you're looking for something that's more than just a school, this is where you want to be.​

Judi Rodas

By far the best experience I've had in school! Awesome staff & professors. MA 12 week course goes by fast, prepares you enough while having fun at the same time. Ready for my externship this week thanks to Cami who was really supportive! You won't regret to attend MING, Definitely, recommend it to anyone who's looking into a fun & affordable school.

Mary Jones Atkinson

Attending MING, was the best decision I could have ever made. My teacher was Felicia, and she was "AWESOME!" She made sure we knew and understood everything that was going to be on our Nationals and she made the class so fun. Jan and Cami were always there to answer any extra questions, set up exams, CPR classes and externship. MING has a family atmosphere instead of a school feeling. I highly recommended MING to anyone that would like to go into the medical field. It's amazing how much you can learn in 12 short weeks and I can't wait to start my new adventure as a CCMA. Thank you, Jan, Cami, and Felicia for everything you taught me and helping me learn a new direction in my life. I will continue to recommend MING to everyone I see.

Chelsea Huggins Copeland

Attending MING was a great decision. With the small classroom environment, you learn needed information to excel in the field. Felecia is a great teacher and will review with you as much as needed. Cami and Jan are there to answer any questions and give you extra support along the way. Everyone there WANTS to see you do well, so they help in any way possible. The 2 days a week for 12 weeks MA class is a perfect schedule for a busybody. MING will prepare you and motivate you to your highest potential. It's a second family there!

Erica Butler

I absolutely LOVE the Medical Institute of NE Georgia. It is an awesome school with dedicated teachers and tons of useful information needed to work in the field. I currently finished the program and I am now doing my externship and it went by so incredibly fast! Felicia Kennedy is such a great teacher who cares about her students and only wants the best for you to succeed. Any questions I had or anything I didn't understand, she took the time to explain it to me in a way that I would understand and that meant a lot to me. Cami Camacho was and is always just a phone call or email away and is very thorough at answering any questions I've had. My externship placement was perfect for me and my schedule and I am very confident that I will go far with the knowledge I acquired at MING.  If you're looking for a school that's affordable, hands-on, and fun at the same time then this is where you need to be!

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